DEEP IN THE QUIET by Angela Banks


DEEP IN THE QUIET by Angela Banks
Oct 26 – Nov 20, 2019

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the opening of Angela Banks' solo Exhibition, Deep in the Quiet. The exhibition opens Saturday, the 26th October 2019, at 11h00. 

"The first thing one notices about Angela Banks' work is the meticulous and disciplined formality of the paintings. They seem to have an almost Victorian innocence to them, but this is deceptive, and her subjects look right back at the viewer with a gaze both cool and self-assured. Banks has created a small world of her own, as true artists have always one, and it is one that is coherent and with an internal logic that is immensely attractive but also has a slightly uneasy edge to the charm. I find an almost irresistable reminder of that fine modern writer, Phillip Pullman and "His Dark Materials" in her use of animals (he calls them "daemons") as a foil to her human subjects. The animals are not anthropomorphised or "cute", nor are they pets, and they live their lives next to the humans who have such a limpid and clear-eyed view of our own rackety world. She works slowly and her output is small and thus known so far only to a few collectors, but Angela Banks' lovely exhibition will give enormous pleasure to those who see it"    -Trent Read


EXHIBITION CONCLUDES: 20th November 2019


20 Huguenot Street, Franschhoek

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